Animals and their People

“Suzanne has photographed my dog Willow. She has an uncanny ability to capture the expression and intense personality of animals and reveal each animals individual emotion. Truly incredible and really connects for an intense emotional experience each time you view her photographs." Karen H.

outdoor portrait of a woman and her dog
outdoor dog portrait
horse and rider portrait
the caregiver of a longhorn
Studio dog portrait on white seamless
a studio dog portrait
german shepherd dog portrait
studio dog and family portrait
outdoor dog portrait
standard poodle dog portrait
studio dog portrait
family portrait with dogs
mastiff dog studio portrait
studio pet portrait
outdoor family portrait
studio dog portrait
tri color collie studio portrait
outdoor springtime dog portrait
dachshund dog portrait
extended family outside portrait
senior dog portrait with dad
Chihuahua dog portrait
English Mastiff dog portrait
Pets and their people
senior Akita dog portrait