beagle dog portrait

I had the pleasure of photographing this super fun Beagle mix pup in the bluebonnets recently. Bluebonnets do not last long here but I found this wonderful field at a nearby park on a Texas Spring Day. I had my gorgeous model Dolly and the help of her Mom Havana too. I love so many of these images, and Dolly's Mom does too! We were out in the evening light which is one of the two times I have my outdoor sessions. The other is early morning, only a select few of my clients choose that time! The light is much softer and gives the recipe for creating beautiful outdoor portraits of pets and their families during these times of day.


Pepper has to be the most expressive little girl! I really do love photographing children around the age of 3. They are so full of wonder. As with pet portraits, capturing the expression is "the thing". It is not about posing, although that does play a part, it is about capturing.

A few tips with photographing young people.

1. Keep it fun

2. Be prepared and have your settings ready

3. Make sure they are comfortable in both their clothing and their environment

4. Patience and laughter

Please enjoy these special portraits of my little friend, Pepper!


Family gatherings here in Mason Texas and the Texas Hill Country are the perfect time to create some awesome portraits that will be in your family for a lifetime. What an extra special way to remember family adventures! Sessions at my studio, both inside and out, are super easy and where all of these portraits were taken!

I do travel to different venues too. One of my favorites out here is Red Sands Ranch on the Llano River!


This is my very first blog post so I am not sure how, or where, to begin! February 1st seems like a good day to start something new. Some might think January 1st but January 2023 has come and gone!

I want to tell you about an awesome visitor we had a few days ago, a Barred Owl! He was sitting on a fence post as we arrived home and he has been around for a few days. As I have read about this owl I have learned that they are uncommon here in Mason County. Barred Owls normally like wooded areas. We do have some Oak and lots of Mesquite but no extremely large trees as in other parts of Texas. I will be reporting this Owl to as suggested by Lee Kothmann with Explore Texas!

Our property has a wildlife exemption so bringing in different species of birds is very exciting. I love keeping the environment natural for the wonderful animals that stay here and for my photography clients too!